142 Pokemon Go Captured in Two Weeks


Many people findi t quite challenging to walk around and capturing Pokemon Go, but one Reddit user has done it! He manage to capture 142 Pokemon in span of two weeks.

Known as ftb_hodor, reddit user manage to walk 153 kilometers while he is hunting for Pokemon, according to the app sensor. A separate health app that he was also using showed that he actually walked 200 kilometers.

There’s only one Pokemon left from this collection are Mir. Mime, Ditto, Kangaskhan, Molters, Zapdos, Farfetched, Mew and Mewtwo. The two Pokemon which are Kangaskhan, Farfetch and Mr. Mime are region-specifc which can only be found on Oceanic area, Asia and Western Europe. The other remaining are so rare that there’s no single sighting has been reported.

The only way for ftb_hodor to complete his collection is for him to travel overseas and hunt these down. Nintendo still has hundreds of unreleased Pokemon from franchise, players who already captured the same number of Pokemon Go will soon need to go back in the streets in order to catch them again.

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