5 Reasons not to buy Apple iPhone X


Apple finally revealed their latest iPhone line up, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the much anticipated iPhone X. The new technology and changes raises the bar for its competitors suchs as the Super Retina Display and facial recognition, this comes with a huge price tag starting at $999, and the iPhone 8 at $699 and iPhone 8 Plus at $799.

We gathered information and research about the technology being used by Apple and how it compares to different competitors. Lets check out why we should not buy the Apple iPhone X.

Not Revolutionary


Facial recognition, glass body and wireless chargin are the new features of the latest iPhone, but other smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S8 already introduced those a couple of months ago. Though Apple isn’t the first in the market, they usually refined and performs better other smartphones will be having this feature in the coming update, plus they are much cheaper.

Few Bugs

Apple is already rolling out the iOS 11 which includes the capabilities for split screen view, a QuickType keyboard, augmented reality platform, Apple Pay over iMessage, new camera filters and others.

For iPhone X, iOS 11 will have 12 Animojis, which will copy your facial expression thru emoji. Though every iOS release will usually have some kinks and whatnot. As a rule of thumb, wait until the first update happens before updating your devices.

Facial recognition is a fail

iphone x truedepth camera system

You have to admit one way or another, it is pretty cool! Apple facial recognition adds an extra layer of security by analyzing more than 30,000 invisible dots to create accurate map of your face. For functional though, this won’t make it any easier for you, entering your PIN will be the fastest and easiest thing to unlocked your device.

Wireless Charging


Apple introduced wireless chargin pads and it still need wires to get your phone charged. The pads are still needed to be connected to an outlet, this isn’t the same as the Android counterpart devices.

Augmented Reality

This is pretty sweet, I have to admit, It lets you create a digital scenery around you, and fully immerse yourself into your gaming experience. Though we don’t think most iPhone users will be using this feature every single day, this won’t help the consumers into their daily task.

Would you still buy the iPhone X

If you’re the techie and needs the top of the line device, iPhone X is for you, be sure that you are ready to spend a small mortgage. For the average users, these new features won’t have a big impact into your day to day life. Smartphones suppose to help you with your daily task and it should solve most of your problems, and iPhone doesn’t offer that.

If you are planning to upgrade, an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 would be a greater deal and it won’t cost you that much. Better yet, check out Samsung Galaxy S8, you may never comeback after using an Android device.

Did you already pre-order the Apple iPhone X? What feature do you think it will have a huge impact to your day to day life? Let us know in the comments below!

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