Android App WhatsApp Gets Voicemail Feature And Lets You Share With Multiple Contacts


WhatsApp recently updated its feature, and that is voicemail! The feature already rolled out in iPhones and now they are pushing it for Android users via Google Play. The latest beta for Android will be the ability to share content with multiple contacts and groups simultaneously.

Android users are now receiving call back and voicemail features from Google Play. The said features were first seen in the Android beta version last July then it was pushed for stable build in iOS earlier this week of August, which was rolled out to all users.

WhatsApp update

WhatsApp update

Features will give users the ability to leave a voicemail after a WhatsApp call was not answered. The said voicemail will be sent just like a voice message, though the user cannot hear it before sending it (for now). The version will also have the ability to send secret fonts by typing the “‘ before and after the text message.

Android Police noticed new insteresting feature in the beta version for Android, the ability to send or forward content or messages to multiple people in one go, instead of setting a user could send or forward the content of the message to only a person at a time, now you can send to multiple users in one go. Awesome!

WhatsApp update

WhatsApp update

If a user is looking for a photo, text, video or a document from their devices, they can select the send or share option in the app, select WhatsApp and then a long press for user until the contact list appears. The option to be able to select multiple users that automatically pops up.

This solves the pain to send content to send content from one person and then the user will have to go back and send the same content to another person. WhatsApp now shows the most frequent chats on the top for easy sharing and forwarding contents. Users can also forward any messages to multiple users, including attached files.

To get the updates, you need to have a Google Play beta testing program for WhatsApp, download the latest build from the play store or you can download the APK here.

WhatsApp is also working on the video call and GIF image sharing feature, which they will update the app once they release it.

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