Apple iPad Pro 2017 Specs and Release Date


The upcoming Apple iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Pro 12.9 are the two of the most powerful tablets to date, in 2017 we will see new models of iPad Pro including a 10.1 inch version with iPad Pro mini.

Apple already launched their two iPad Pro tablet, the 9.7 inch model and the massively large 12.9 inch version, both of them hit the UK and offered a top performance, detailed display and impressive input, thanks to the Apple Pencil. Though they are thought as laptop replacements, since you can connect Apple Smart Keybooard cover, and work your documents there.

In the coming 2017, rumor and leaks suggest that we are going to see another variant of iPad Pro being lauch by Apple.

A 9.7 inch iPad Pro will be changed to 10.1 inch, while the 12.9 inche will remain. Apple processor will be updated as well, maybe a A10 Fusion X?

The two new iPad Pro tablet suggest that Apple will also release a iPad Pro Mini, with premium specs and has the features and specs of Pro, including the Apple Pencil support.

There will be more portable devices from Apple, which we are excited about! Though this means that these new devices will have an expensive prices, we are hoping the upcoming iPads are worth the wait (as always).

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