Apple iPhone 7 will copy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge curved screen


Apple will release their new iPhone 7 with a curved OLED display that is similar to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, according to the leaks and rumors we gathered.

The company said they will launch three models for 2017, a 4.17 inch and two 5.5 inch devices which will have a curve display over its sides, according to Nikkei Asian Review.

It’s not the first time iPhone curved screen has been leaked, Artist Martin Hajek created a concept images before releasing iPhone 6, based on similar rumours.

Nikkei Technology Online reported that Apple has met with LG and Samsung to discuss the OLED screen production ahread of September 2017, a date which is targeted to release iPhone 7s.

LG and Samsung are suppliers of Apple’s screens, OLED display uses less power and more brighter than LED counterparts. Samsung currently is the only manufacturer of the OLED display’s flexibility which was included in Galaxy Note Edge in early 2015, and continue on its previous Galaxy S7 Edge.

Apple which has recently sold their billionth iPhone has struggled in recent months for their iPhone sales, which was around two-thirds of the company’s sales. Back in July, they announced that they were down 15% during its third quarter, and would fall again during the fourth.

Having a new iPhone with huge difference from the previous versions could help them bring back the lost sales in the smartphone world. The changes for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus was a 0.7 inches, and a 1.5 inches larger than the iPhone 5.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7

The larger sizes was a hit to its customers, which is the biggest profits Apple has reported, selling a 74.5 million iPhones within three months period, 34,000 units per hour was sold.

Apple will reveal their new iPhone 7 in the coming weeks, rumours are suggesting a new model has been changed like the physical home button and the headphone jack will be removed.

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