Apple iPhone 8 Leaks, Everything You Need to Know


With the new Apple iPhone coming out, rumors and leaks are pooping from everywhere. This new device from Apple marks the 10th Anniversary of iPhone devices, since iPhone 7 didn’t have much changes and improvement.

We gather all the leaks and other information, to make sure we know what to expect when Apple iPhone 8 releases.


Apple iPhone 8 Display

Apple iPhone 8 Display

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects Apple to release three models, one with OLED model with 4.7″, and the other two with TFT-LCD model 5.5″ display. OLED is what other Apple competitors been using for a couple of years now, which gives more vibrant and better energy efficiency.

Some rumors says that OLED iPhone will be added, but it could be a new technology that Apple is trying to close the gap between its Android competitors Samsung Galaxy S8 OnePlus 5.


Apple iPhone 8 Design

Apple iPhone 8 Design

Another rumors about the device is the design boy, Samsung Galaxy S8 is the first bezel-less design which features a screen with extra wide aspect ration that reaches the very edges of the device.

If Apple will go for bezel-less dispaly, they would eliminate the Touch ID sensor that is locaed below the screen, Apple may add a new facial or iris recognition technology that will allow its users to unlock their devices using sensors that will scan their faces and eyes.

Apple will now add dual cameras which are arranged horizontally across the rear of the device, leaked schematics shows the dual camera orientation. This set up will allow the camera for even longer optical zoom, which is the first for iPhone line up.

Color variants are still unconfirmed, though it would be possible for Black, Silver, and new Copper Gold.

Processor and GPU

Apple are going to continue with their own processor line up, which is A11 processor that has a 7,000 and 8,500 multiscores while using two different clock speeds on Geekbench 4 synthetic performance benchmark.

Aside from the new procesor, OLED iPhone 8 will have a 5.8 inches display according to Ming-Chi Kuo. 5.15 inches are also useable, as the rest of the spaces will be used for onscreen icons and navigation.

HomePod firmware indicates that iPhone 8 will feature wireless charging and fast wired charging for the first time. This could be the fastest charging iPhone yet, other features like tap-to-wake function and ability to recognize expression on your face. MacRumors says there are posibility for front and rear cameras that can record 4K at 60FPS videos. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are limited to 4K at 30FPS recording.

A new patent for Apple details the use of the device front camera, light sensor and proximity sensor to measure different fitness metrics such as pulse, oxygen saturation and others. Even electical contacts to measure body fat percentage or electical activity of your heart. Thogh, this is a just an assumption from Apple fans.

iPhone 8 will have a single Lightning port and still no headphone jack, same as their previous iPhone 7.


iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were sold for $649 and $769, Bussines Insider says that iPhone 8 could start at $1000 which would be the highest base model for any iPhone.

Apple will launch their new device this coming September, other rumors says that it will be release on October due to OLED display issue.


At the end of the day, these are all rumors and no confirmation from Apple. But we would love to know in advance if these features and design changes will actually come true, especially the OLED bezel-less dispaly.

What do you think of Apple iPhone 8? Are you going to save now so you can afford it?

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