Apple to recall batteries of iPhone 6s units from unexpected shutdowns


Apple seems to have new issues popping out, after they launched the iPhone 6 Plus repair program for units that has “touch disease” fault. They are seeking to replace the batch of iPhone 6s batteries that was causing the shutdowns.

Apple announced through their website about the issue, a rather small number of iPhone 6s units may have this unexpected shutdowns causing a battery problem.

They are quick to note that these devices that are experiencing shutdowns do not present safety risk, like the one from Samsung’s recent products.

Samsung on the other hand dealt a major downfall for their battery components on their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices when it began to explode under normal conditions. Samsung halted the sales and call for a massive recall.

The iPhone 6s defect only affects a certain batch of devices that was manufactured between September and October of 2015.

Users who experience their devices shutdown can take their iPhone into an Apple Store or authorized repair facitliy for inspection. Agents will cross-check the device serial numbers and will replace your battery free of charge. The said program covers the devices battery for three years after its retail sale.

Users who paid for their iPhone 6s units should contact Apple for a refund. The replacement program started after the China Consumers Association last week and asked Apple to investigate about the said issues. The program is operating for worldwide basis, so users around the globe can have their devices checked make sure it does not have any issues.

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