First Person to catch all Pokemon in Pokemon Go


Nick Johnson claims that he is the first person to capture all 145 pokemon in Pokemon Go game, says he is still not finished with the game according to the Pokemon Go creator.

The tech employee from Brookly, NY refers to himself as the first world Pokemon Go master, according to his twitter account which he announced last week that he already completed his quest, after travelling different countries.

I’ll keep carry on playing, there’s still a handful of legendary Pokemon that the game haven’t released yet, looking forward when they do that“, Johnson told Reuters during an interview.

I am also hoping that they will add more features like PVP battling and more interaction with other players. It’s a great way of hanging out with friends and go outside, great exercise too, so I’ll keep it up.

Pokemon Go exploded last month, with different players walking the streets to capture different Pokemon characters. The game was develop by Niantic and Pokemon Company, Japan’s Nintendo Co owns a large part.

For me, the success of Pokemon Go is a testament to the fact that gaming today is really pretty ubiquitous,” Johnson said. “Everyone has a smartphone so the idea that gaming is something of a niche industry as it has been in decades past is definitely no longer true.

Aside from Pokemon Go, there are other exclusive regions. Johnson give a tip for other players to maximise the social aspect of the said game and create an online and offline networks to which you can find rare creatures.

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