Intel Basis Peak smartwatches are being recalled due to overheat and burn


Intel is gathering their Basis Peak smartwatch from previous customers because of overheat and might burn you.

The said smartwatch causes heat that results in burns, blisters on the skin surface, said by Josh Walden, senior vice president and general maanger of Intel New Technology Group.

The recall is said to be urgent because they don’t want the users to wear it any longer. A small group of customers already reported the discomfort, burns, and blisters, on their wrist.

Intel urged every single customer to stop using the watch and return it rightaway. Though the data of these users can still be access until Dec. 31st, 2016.

Intel didn’t disclose how many customers has been reported injured from the said device around the globe.

Other smartwatch on the market, including Apple Watch is popular among users who are fond of using smartwatch devices.

Hopefully, no one will be seriously hurt and Intel Basis Peak will recall all of the said units from its users.

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