Nearly half of Filipinos are vulnerable to cybercrime


Half of Filipino who uses the internet to be connected are at risk of falling to cybercriminals due to harmful online habits that could make the individual a vulnerable target.

Based on the survey by Kaspersky Lab, 18,000 internet users from 16 countries including Philippines who are more than 18 years old answered a question which determined their online habit and cyberthreat awareness.

49 percent of internet users were found that they are keeping an application left unused. Philippines ranked the worst among 16 countries included in the said survey which has an average of 37 percent.

A harmless mistake could serve an entry from cybercriminals looking for their next victim, according to Kaspersky Lab.

Keeping unused apps on your devices is a common mistake for Filippinos, its a mistake to leave your apps and old software on stock version because these are outdated programs which can be used for open door that cybercriminals can gain access easily. Old apps can be used and turn your devices against you” Anthony Chua, a territory manager for Philippines and Singapore Kaspersky Lab SEA.

Another survey asked the users to what they would do in case they received an email from tax office with attached document about unpaid fines. These are being used to masked common harmless formats like text to infect your devices, such as Trojan. A ransomware discovered by Kaspersky Lab last Febuary, which is still active in 114 countries including the Philippines.

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