New PS4 Neo will be release next month


Sony will unveil their new and more powerful PlayStation 4 in New York on Sept. 7, 2016 launch event. The first look of the new PS4 Neo is just around the corner, though certain details are not confirmed yet.

GameSpot says that September 7 is the date before the Tokyo Games Show, a likely time and place to debut a new console. The events means plenty of media and people will be there.

Sony revealed that they are working on new PlayStation 4 back in June, after several months of rumours.

While the new console can play games in 4K resolution, the only official and certain news is that PS4 Neo is ready for launch. 4K feature we still have to wait for Sony to comment about this. Games that will work with two systems and playes that shares online.

Console and Sony’s PlayStation VR headset will be released in October, both are compatible with one another.

Sony’s PS4 Neo will be out before the year ends, beating Microsoft with their Xbox One Scorpio, a new upgrade 4K gaming console.

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