New Rechargable Battery for Smartphones will have more power, in 2017


MIT spinoff company SolidEnergy showed off a rechargeable battery which offered the same amount of power as an iPhone battery at half the size.

MIT SolidEnergy showed a rechargeable battery which can power and iPhone at half the size, this means you’ll have more juice to your smartphones without making it thicker or bigger.

The batteries will be used in drones in November this 2016, before they start creating for smartphones and wearables in early 2017. The CEO of SolidEnergy Qichao Hu said, “it is kind of the holy grail for batteries“.

Two times the energy density, we can make the battery half the size, and it would still last the same amount as lithium ion battery. Or we can make the same size with longer usage for the user.

These new batteries will swap the normal graphite cathode that we are using in Li-Ion cells for a thin lithium metal foil.

During test, SolidEnergy showed the rechargeable battery was half the size of an iPhone 6 S, this new battery has 2.0aH compared to iPhone‘s 1.8aH.

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