Pokemon Go gamers will do anything for their Pokemon


Pokemon Go is a huge phenomenon in the app market and games, the sucess is so huge that the government is now reminding the public about the game.

This game became so huge that authorities in several countries issued warnings regarding the danger of playing the game, police are already using social media to remind these gamers to be aware of their sorrundings and public places.

For instance, in Indonesia, a French player was stopped and questioned by police for several hours after he enter a military base, by simply following the app. He was release after.

In Bosnia, police are giving warning to their people about walking into minefields, which still remain from the wars in 1992 and 1995.

The Japanese government also published a leaflet that are advising the publich of the potential risk of playing Pokemon Go in public places, especially while cycling, even though the app hasn’t been released to the said country.

Saudi Arabia already announce the banning of the game, which is against their religion. Pitting characters against another character is related to gambling, which is banned under Islam, also it is promoting the Darwin’s theory of evolution.

In Israel, a navy publish a screenshot of capturing sea-based Pokemon with a caption “There are some Pokemon only we can catch”.

Pikachu image has been circulating, shows from the house in Gaza.

Though the game hasn’t officially available in 40 countries, others already founda  way to access the app even before their release, in France the game is still unavailable, but police already advise Pokemon trainers not to play Pokemon while driving, and take extra care.

Behind the success of Pokemon Go is the shareholder Nintendo, a Japanese group. The maker of earlier version of the Pokemon games in Gameboy.

The servers from Nintendo already experience several issues because of traffic, there have been reports that their server has been attacked several times, says David Emm from Kaspersky.

What do you think about Pokemon Go? Make sure you are aware of your sorroundings while playing the game and always stay safe.

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