Pokemon Go helps businesses in the Philippines


After a few days after releasing Pokemon Go in the Philippines, businesses in different malls reported a huge number of people on foot who are hooked in catching Pokemons inside their stores.

Our parks and malls are now filled with Pokemon masters catching different Pokemon, even visiting malls inspite of heavy rains, according to Ayala Malls spokeperson. Several Pokemon monsters are also found in the gardens and parks outside the malls.

Malls are the most popular hunting grounds for Pokemon monsters, since there’s a lot of sightings and its perfectly safe to play this game.” According to SM supermall VP Steven Tan.

Within the SM malls, several Pokemon masters are visiting different Pokestops and gyms that are located in different business establishment. These landmarks are important to players where they can form a team and battle the Pokemon from other players.

Some of the popular Pokestops were found in Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Magnolia, Forum Robinsons, and Eastwood City which has 19 Pokestops with more than 20 kinds of rare Pokemon sighted in the said area. Other places are in McKinly Hill, Burgos Circle and Venice Piazza.

Businesses will benefit a lot from this mobile game, since Pokestops are a strong point in advertising, if you are near to it. Provinces and other universities are not yet ready for the said game, we will have to wait for the update.

PLDT Smart Communication gave a 7 days unlimited data usage for Pokemon masters, from August 8 to August 14. Meanwhile, Globe Telecom offered seven days of free unlimited mobile usage for Globe and TM subsribers.

There are more Pokestops, gym and lure places where we will announce, keep your eyes peeled for more Pokemon Go updates.

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