Pokemon Go is now on 75 Million downloads


According to an estimate from Sensor Tower, a mobile app analytics, Pokemon Go has racked up the 75 million downloads on iOS and Android. Given that Pokemon Go is the currently available in only 32 countries out of 100 markets where App Store and Google Play are available.

Pokemon Go top the 50 million downloads just over the weekend, after the 19 days in the Google Play app store, according to Sensor Tower. Recently, Apple confirmed that Pokemon Go has nabbed more downloads during its first week than any other app in the history.

Most mobile games and apps, even reaching the 10 million downloads in a long marathon, but Pokemon Go already made the 50 million in just a sprint, Sensor Tower Head, Randy Nelson.

No other app comes close to reaching the 50 million mark that fast. Color Switch, a popular game app took 77 days to do it, and King’s recent from Candy Crush spin-off, Candy Crush Jelly and Saga reached it in over three months, with the help of their marketng campaign.

The question remains, can Pokemon Go keep up their success? From the recent survey from Survey Monkey, the interest in the game is starting to decline.

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