Pokémon Go ruins the quality of life a couple, sues the Company


A couple named Scott and Jayme Dodich are not happy with Pokemon Go, they said that the game makes their life miserable, so they decided to sue the game company in federal court.

Weeks of complaining about Pokemon players trampling their landscape, peering into their windows and even cussing, they decided to file an action lawsuit, claiming that Pokemon Go developers have made millions dollars while ruining the quality of life for many Americans. They said that these Pokestops and gyms, which are GPS based for Pokemon hunters which are looking for Pokemons, are being placed in private property without the permission of the owner.

The couple live across the street of Wahby Park, a Poke gym and has at least seven stops that draws hundreds of players in any day. The virtual playground, turns into a real-life nightmare for a quite neighborhood, Dodiches said.

Nobody gets sleep anymore, they hang out on our lawns, temple on the landscape, look in our vehicles, we don’t feel safe. I don’t even feel safe sitting on our porch.

The couple are suing Niantic, the San Franciso-based software company that develop and published Pokemon Go, Nintendo which is based in Tokyo. None of them commented on the said lawsuit.

The lawsuit which was filed in federal court in California, seeks to stop Pokemon from designating GPS coordinates based on private properties without the owners permit. It will also force to share its profit with residents whose yards and streets contributed to the game’s success. As of July 23rd, PokemonGo had been downloaded more than 30 million times and had made more than $35 million.

The lawsuit is similar to other home owners who are complaining to Pokemon players since the game debut. In Washington D.C. three Pokestops was placed in U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. A cementery owner in Mobile, Ala. has expressed a similar concerns regarding the said game. In massachusetts, a resident tweeted about “Pokemon Go gym showing up in his house, which was an old church”.

Pokemon Go shows some flagrant disregard for the consequences of using GPS-based for Pokestop and gyms without the approval of the owner. But, no one knew this game will be such a success, like it is now.

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