Runtastic and Google Play Music will inspire your workouts


As every fitness advocate, music plays a large role into setting the mind and body to achieve their goals. It can motive and inspire you, or keep you entertained for long workout routines.

Tech brands came up with different ways to include music into their workout app, Runtastic is one of them which is now partners with Google Play Music, where you can access your curated playlist that can help you push more.

Runtastic and Google Play Music

Runtastic and Google Play Music

When you open the Runtastic Running app, you will see different playlist that can motivate you when you’re running or during your lifting session. There’s no need to open your Google Play Music, since you can access it directly into the Runtastic app.

From the app, go to music section and you can see all the relevant playlist. You can choose from Running Hits or High Energy music, you can also create your own playlist if you have a Google Play Music subscription.

If you’re not a subscriber of Google Play Music, Google is offering you a free trial for you to explore the 40 million songs. Runtastic and Google Play Music integration is now available in more than 60 countries, you should check it out.

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