Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is more expensive than Galaxy S8


After following several leaks this past week, we confirmed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will miss out a game changing in-screen fingerprint scanner, and it will be more expensive than the Galaxy S8.

Quoting a Samsung Electronics official, a Korean site Osen says that they learned the retail pricing for the entry level which is 64GB Galaxy Note 8 will start at $1, 100. This is $250 more expensive than the 64GB Galaxy S8 Plus and $130 more than the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus.

samsung galaxy note 8

Osen said that Samsung will also announce a 128GB Galaxy Note 8 which will be more expensive.

They state that these price increase are due to components that are behind the price rise, though they didn’t mention any specific parts. The Apple iPhone 8 however will be the most expensive iPhone ever sold in the market, the price increase because of the integration of Touch ID into the display, something Samsung Galaxy Note 8 didn’t include.

Osen confirms that despite the larger 128GB storage variant, Galaxy Note 8 will still support microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be launch in August 26, 2017. This means that the device will still lead Apple‘s launch in September for iPhone 8.


Worth noting, Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be the first premium dual camera smartphone, with 6GB RAM and a massive 6.3 inch Infinity Display and Snapdragons and Exynos processor.

This is enough to challenge Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 and Google Pixel 2, but with a higher price tag on the device.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Does the price tag will affect your decision to buy? Let us know in the comments!

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