Samsung Galaxy S8 Display Issues, Raises Concern for Customers


Customers who pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S8 will be able to get their flagship device this coming week, but some users raises concern regarding the display of the Galaxy S8.

According to report from The Korea Herald, Galaxy S8 has a reddish tint display, the infinity display of the said device is one of it’s best features that is on the market today. LG G6 has a high resolution edge-to-edge display, but Samsung opt for curved OLED display than LCD screen.


Samsung Galaxy S8 screen is graded as the best screen by experts, and expecting that iPhone 8 will also have the same OLED screen which is made by Samsung.

The report mentioned that the reddish tint display maybe caused by color balance of the said screen. Though customers who received their devices says the reddish display did not improve after correcting the settings.

“The reddish tint may be caused by colro balance problem after Samsung used deep red AMOLED to strengthen the red color” according to industry watcher.

Samsung have developed a deep red OLED to prevent color issues with the said smartphone, the report says the OLED panel in Galaxy S8 uses two subpixels including red-green and blue-green.

Not a quality problem, because it can be adjusted within the phone itself. If the color is still reddish, customers can exchange the device, according to Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S8 is not yet availabe, but more people already received their test units ahed of the said launch. Other Youtubers have already put the said device on different test and they didn’t mentioned any display issues.

Though still unclear about this red tint display issue, and no one knows if it can be fix by a software update. Samsung is already on top of this issue and willing to fix the customers device free of charge, last thing we want is a quality issues for the best display smartphone on the market.

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