SwiftKey users reports missing syncs, app updates


As a SwiftKey user and fan, I noticed that a lot of my data and predictions hasn’t been synced for a while, this is the same to other SwiftKey users as well. Some of them already reported the issue about the data and auto-suggestions, some even lost their own synced data.

Over at Reddit, users have been complaining the strange behaviour of the app, some actually sent an email and tweet, but no official reply from the app team regarding the issue or if there will be a fix soon.

The lost of synced data and predictions are from users who uses apps like Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter. A member of SwiftKey team tweeted that they “there was a service disruption which affects the personalization service, your synced data from other apps will not work as expected.”

Once they have the fix for the sync function issue, we would expect the app to work properly. Hopefully, no hack from their servers with users sensitive information that leaks. That is a big prolem.

We are still waiting for SwiftKey to release a official statement regarding this, until then we will keep you updated.

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