Top 10 Best Android Battery Saving Apps


Smartphones are now getting more advance now since two years ago, from screen display to camera to processor, no wonder battery department needs to improve as well. If your phone doesn’t last an entire day, you may need to either minimize the usage or try these Android Battery saving apps, it might help your battery issues.

ShutApp – Real Battery Saver


ShutApp is about shutting down apps that consume your battery thus prolonging the life of it. If you have an app that is running in the background, ShutApp will close those apps for you.

GO Battery Saver & Power Widget

Best Android Battery Saving Apps

GO Battery Saver is a popular one, with different features designed to impove your battery life, one cool feature that  I like is the widget where it shows information about the performance of your battery. The app will also show an estimate battery life savings, how much life can you extend by shutting other running apps in the background.

360 Battery – Battery Saver


While most of the apps are designed to improve battery life by monitoring it, 360 Battery is taking it on the next level. The app will monitor what is happening on your device and provides the information so you can control the level of usage of other apps that are running. It also comes with presents that you can apply and the app will do all the cleaning for you.

Clean Master


Clean Master is a popular one from Android and is most downloaded app in the App Store. This app comes with additional features as well as helping your battery clean and clearing your entire device in general.

DU Battery Saver – Power Saver


DU Battery Saver is another popular one from Android users, listing with over 400 million users of the app. If you’re looking for a truly tested app, this is it. Offering different tweaks to improve your battery life and comes with phone cooler feature for more hardware protection.

Snapdragon BatteryGuru


Snapdragon BatteryGuru is an app that learns about your habits and usage before helping you to optimize your device and battery usage. This is made by Qualcomm so if you have a Snapdragon processor, you will benefit from this app.

Battery Optimizer & Cleaner


The Battery Optimizer & Cleaner has features beyond your battery needs, like cleaning the memory to improve speed and monitor your mobile data usage, as well as other battery saving tricks to help you.

Avast Battery Saver


Avast is a popular AntiVirus program, but they also have a battery saver to help you. The app provide a detailed information about your consumption and helps you regulate those actions, apps and other services.

Battery Doctor


Battery Doctor identify what is causing your device to drain its battery and cure those issues. It will show your which apps or services that are using more power and helps you limit their access to prevent further usage. Antoehr one is to improve and regulate your charging, provides information like estimate of how much power you have left.



Greenify is popular to those users who root their devices, though you can still use this app even if you didn’t root your device. Greenify provides a level of tweaking and advanced features to take advantage of Androids own Doze feature.


Hopefully, we helped you with this list of best android battery saving apps. These apps are the most downloaded and have been updated regularly, so we know that they are still being maintained and support are still there to answer all of your questions. If you are using that’s not on the list, please share it to use so we can update the article 🙂


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