Top 10 Features of Apple iPhone 8


Leaks are all buzzing about the upcoming Apple iPhone 8, mainly because of its redesign rumors that will definitely change what iPhone looks like today.

Though there are still people debating about this, some analyst suggest that the device will be named iPhone X, because of the tenth generation smartphone.

Let us check out the top 10 features of Apple iPhone 8, according to reports, rumors and leaks that we gathered.

All-glass iPhone 8 Design


Apple will switch to all-glass design, this has been reported and considered to be included in the new design. Since Apple always excelled in their physical design and presentation of devices, it will be an interesting shift to the consumer. Though we expect it to be sleek and slim, like what they always do.

OLED Technology

One of the biggest change is the OLED technology, which is the popular choice for Samsung Galaxy line up. Overall, OLED is superior to LCD technology which Apple has been using on their iPhone devices. Switching to OLED, it will increase the efficiency and battery usage of the said device.

We received several reports that Apple faces an issue of acquiring enougn OLED screens to fulfil its demands. Samsung, the major manufacturer of the said technology is taking advantage in their Galaxy devices.

Curved Screen

It is also expected to have a first ever curved screen display on iPhone 8. Though it will not be the same as Samsung Galaxy S8, Apple will still retain its flat panels to most extent.

Samsung popularized this technology, and it seems that iPhone will have a curved screens as well.

Wraparound Display


Another change that iPhone 8 will have is slimming the bezels to deliver a wraparound dispaly. This is already popular with Galaxy S8, and Apple is expected to follow.

Forbes revealed that Apple will introduce an aspect ratio of 18:5:9 for iPhone 8, same to Galaxy S8 and LG G6. TSC, a chipset maker revealed this information to the media, confirming that iPhone 8 will have more elongated appearnce. Analyst pointed that this will make the back button hard to reach for consumers, though we are sure that Apple designers already solved this issue.

Function Area

Since the iPhone 8 will change its shape, we expect the overall handset design will be tweaked as well. The function area will be located beneath the screen of the said device similar to the MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

Reality Camera

Apple is also believed to be workign on a different kind of camear to be included in iPhone 8, which will embrace the augmented reality technology that the company already mentioned.

Tim Cook, shares his enthusiastic for augmented reality as concept, which the iPhone 8 is expected to have.

Though no specific details yet, security and gaming features are being anticipated by analysts.

No Home button

The change in design will mean that Apple will remove the Home Button, which has been the key feature of iPhone series. We expect that this will be plced under the display, allowing the device to have a wraparound screen-dominated display, and also retains the same handset size from its successor.

Embedded Features

It will also have a fingerprint sensor embedded in the display itself. According to rumors, Apple is making sure to integrate different functions within the iPhone 8 dispaly.

Wireless Charging

And finally, Apple is expected to incorporate wireless charging into the iPhone 8, which we considered a great addition. We will no longer have to plug our devices into the wall, and it can charge wireless with Apple’s new and innovative techniques, which we are about to see.

Reports shows that this feature will certainly add to iPhone 8, with a maximum wireless charging of 15 feet, a distance that hasn’t been achieved before. This would revolutionize the device and will mean that ports will also be removed.

What do you think of these reports about Apple iPhone 8? Which feature do you like to be included? Tell us in the comments below!

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