Top 6 Android Features that are Missing From iOS 11


Apple recently launch their new iOS 11, the new version brings new features and revamp App Store, a customizable Control Center, a drag n’ drop for iPad and catch-up features like one-handed typing and easy person-to-person payments.

Today we will list down the top 6 Android features that are missing from iOS 11, and compare the two according to users preference and requirements.

Multiple user profiles


With all the innovations from iOS 11, you would think that Apple would give us a feature that has been a standard in Android for years, yes it is the user profiles, which is perfect for family members who are using one iPad, which helps them create their personal iPad spaces.

Apple still are not providing this kind of feature, could be a privacy concern? Though we still think that having this would help the entire household to manage their profiles using the said device.

Multiple Do Not Disturb schedules


Android has this feature which automatic rules for Do Not Disturb mode, you can easly set this up to match your daily schedules such as weeknights, meetings, weekends and other scenario that you would need the feature. I mainly use this during the weekend, since I wanted to sleep longer until 10am 🙂

In iOS 11, the Do Not Disturb mode will only let you set on a single schedule, no automatic scheduling, only one setting. Not sure why Apple didn’t decide to add this feature, as more Apple users will benefit from this.

Search the entire screen

Apple iOS 11 will let you perform a quick web search on a selected text via Spotlight, this is the iOS universal search feature. This is kinda of helpful, though a narrow selection of text, and if you are looking for more you’re luck ends there.

Meanwhile, Android’s Screen Search feature comes with a single tap on What’s on my screen button from Google Assistant, Android will scan your entire screen and return those relevant search result. This is handy if you wanted to find an article from longer article websites.

Clear all app windows

Another Android feature that I really love, the Clear All on Overview screen which closes all of your open app windows, which cleans and gives you a “No recent items” message.

This is included on iOS 11, well kinda of.. You have to clear out the massive stack of app windows on your multitasking screen, which forces you to flick up every single one all of your opened apps. Now, iOS also comes with under-the-hood tools that you can manage the resources used by your apps, and automatically suspends those that are running for too long.

Still, I’d rather have a one touch function rather than flicking and scrolling to multiple layers of apps that I’ve opened before.

Delete all local photos & videos from the Photos app

Apple announce the new image format (HEIF or High Efficiency Image Format) that have save half the amount of storage space by your snapshot. In iOS 11, they did a better job by recommending a storage feature like iCloud Photo Library, which will upload all of your pictures and videos to the cloud automatically to lessen the images sitting in your device.

While those are somewhat improvements, the “Free Up Space” from Android’s Photo app which instantly upload all of your local snapshot, video stored from your smartphone.

The free up space feature would take less than 100MB of space, while iOS would consume 17GB of storage, even with iCloud Photo Library running.

Keyboard Symbol Shortcuts


The latest version of Google Keyboard for Android, iOS 11 will also bring the symbol shortcuts to letter keys on iPad keyboard, which is handy for saving a few stroeks when you needed to type a number key, or a symbol.

Unfortunately, iOS 11 QuickType keyboard is only available to iPad, (sorry iPhone users!) You can say that the iPhone keypad is too small for a symbol shortcuts, though Google Keyboard works just fine with smaller device resolution.

What do you think about these Android features that are missing from iOS 11? Are you ready to switch from Android to iOS because of these features? Let us know in the comments below!

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