Top 6 Announcement Apple Made in WWDC


Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage to start off WWDC on Monday, he made six big announcement regarding the direction Apple is heading. Today, we will list down the top 6 announcement Apple made in WWDC.

watchOS 4

apple wathc os 4

Apple recently unveiled watchOS 4, this is the newest version of the Apple Watch OS. It features a new watch faces, and also puts Siri cards front and center.

Siri can tell you if you are leaving for work, music that you’re playing, workout records and more. watchOS 4 upgrades their UI, and also now supports two-way data exchange with different workout machines.

macOS High Sierra

macOS High Sierra, which was announced last year now supports virtual reality headsets, something that Apple hasn’t done before. Others are security improvements to Safari, new photo search features and new Apple File System by default, which gives the user more secure storage. It will be available in the coming months in 2017.

New iMacs and MacBook Air / MacBook Pro refreshes

Apple will also have a refreshed iMac, adding a sharper and more brighter display with new intel processors. They will include the seventh-gen Intel processors to MacBook Pro, with boosted speed in MacBook Air.

Another big announcement is the iMac Pro, which will start at $4, 999 and includes powerful processors, a 5K display and a sharp design. Apple said that its the “most powerful Mac they ever made”.

iOS 11

apple ios 11

Apple’s iOS 11 will launch in September and will include new features for iPhone and iPad. New improvements to Siri, which Apple will make it easier for the user to synchronize to other iOS devices. It will also keep the messages in the cloud, which will help you save hard drive storage space.

Another feature is the peer-to-peer paymetns, which allows Apple to compete with Paypal, Square Cash, Venmo and others which will allow iOS users to send money to one another easily.

Users will have drag ‘n drop features, more rooms for icons in the bottom dock of the screen for iPad.

ARKit was also announced, which allows developers to create augmented reality apps for iOS devices.

iPad Pro 10.5

New iPad Pro 10.5 was mentioned during the event, it will feature a more brighter display with faster refresh rate, which is great if you’re watching movies or playing games.

It will also have A10X processor, which improves gaming and overall app performance. Chip and the new display will also be added to Apple’s iPad Pro 12.9. Sadly, 9.7 inch iPad Pro is not included in the said upgrades.

Apple HomePod speaker

apple homepod speaker

HomePod speaker is the new product that was announced by Apple, it is a Siri-powered smart speaker that will allow you to play music, check traffic, can control smart lights, query sports scores and others.

This is like the Amazon Echo and Google Home, Apple says that this is better product and has an advanced speakers that will fill the entire room with music. Cost will be $349 and will be launch in December 2017.

What do you think of Apple’s announcement? They didn’t mention anything from iPhone 8, or they are just hiding it from us *wink *wink 🙂

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