Top 7 Best Features of Samsung Galaxy S9 That You’ll Love


Behold, Samsung unveiled their latest flagship phones this 2018 – the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ last February 25, 2018, Sunday at the Mobile World Congress (MVC) event in Barcelona, Spain. Market release will be on March 16th, but you can pre-order now starting on March 2nd. The color variants will be available in Black, Blue, and Lilac Purple.

The release of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ some smartphone enthusiasts called both phones “Samesungs” because of the similarities to its predecessor the Samsung S8. But don’t worry, there are new changes and ton of new features that you will absolutely love in Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Here’s the top seven features of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Human Eye Type Camera

Human Eye Type Camera

The game changer with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is its camera, Samsung made amazing changes and completely redefined the cameras in these phones. They introduced the first of its kind variable aperture camera that physically changes like the Human Eye so you get the best photo at any moment.

Some critics said that this will be the next generation cameras to any Android phones in the future, and we really think it should be!

The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ won’t have a problem to take a shot with poor lighting conditions because it acts like a human eye, it opens wide in a dark room and adjusts so you can see. The Galaxy S9 lens changes aperture at night, between a f/1.5 aperture, to a wide, f/2.4 aperture if you’re outdoors.

This will give you the best possible aperture and camera lens for a low-light photo at night or indoors, but if you go outside it will shrinks to capture more detail.

Unfortunately, only the Samsung Galaxy S9+ only will have the dual camera at the back and the Galaxy S9 will have the single camera. The bigger Samsung Galaxy S9+ dual cameras has a new Portrait mode features, along with real-time live bokeh filter effects. Photo-enthusiast will definitely love this new dual camera 🙂

AR Emoji

Samsung AR Emoji

Samsung AR Emoji

Remember Animoji feature of iPhone X? Guess what, Samsung took that idea over and put it on Samsung Galaxy S9 phones and the new 3D Emoji controls will surely be a feature everyone loves.

Using 8 megapixels front camera of Samsung Galaxy S9, it can take a photo of your face or your entire body and turns it into a live movable 3D emoji. It is also fully customizable that you can customize your hair, clothing, and even add accessories like glasses.

Galaxy S9 3D Emoji is better than iPhone X Animoji because feels like more lifelike, natural and real. It is also capture your facial expressions for text messages or other conversations.

Facial Recognition

Samsung Facial Recognition

Samsung Facial Recognition

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ still have a fingerprint scanner which is now located in a better and not-so-awkward position, they still step up they game by having a facial recognition, but this time it has an Intelligent Scan. Unlike with IPhone X’ Face ID, Samsung Galaxy S9 phones intelligent scan tool combined its facial recognition and iris scanner, it can scan your eyes and face at the same time, and intelligently and securely know it’s you and unlock the device. This works even with low light condition, with glasses and even changes to your hair. this is a better improved version of Face ID feature.

Slow-Mo Videos

(Turn on HD feature)

Another feature of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is recording a slow-motion video.

With the new Super-Slo-Mode feature, Galaxy S9 video clips can slow down up to 960 FPS. It can record videos that are 32 times slower than the traditional video, which you u can easily share to the world. You can even set your own slow-motion videos as your lock screen wallpaper.

The way it works is that Galaxy S9 automatically detects any action or important movement in the frame and slows it down for you, Samsung can also pair the video with an upbeat music, which you can also customize different music as you see fit.

Dual Stereo Speakers

Samsung Dual Speaker

Samsung Dual Speaker

Samsung has finally taken a note from the likes of Huawei and Apple, using the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ earpiece to create a stereo experience. It features a dual stereo tuned by AKG, owned by Harmon Kardon and uses a new Dolby Atmos Technology. They’re also upping the volume, claiming that this new setup is 1.4x louder than its predecessor.

Samsung said these are the best speakers in any Galaxy to date, and possibly any smartphone to date.

Bixby Vision and Translate

Recently, translating in real-time has become popular in smartphone and also in some smart ear buds, but only in Audio. But with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Bixby Vision this is now possible!

When Bixby was first introduced it has the capability to translate text, but during that time Google Translate was better than Bixby. Now, with key improvement to Bixby Vision, translating text is as easy as holding up your phone to a phrase in a foreign language. This adds to Samsung’s camera leading to a wider consumer use.

It has a live language translation feature that lets you scan object like a sign or a menu. The awesome part of this that instead of giving you subtitles it replacing the original text with your native language. It currently supports 54 languages at the moment, and planning to have more in the coming feature.

Head Phone Jack

Who knew that having a head phone jack on a phone is a feature? Well, since the removal of headphone jack in Apple’s iPhones following the lead by Google’s Pixel 2 is still a good thing that Samsung kept the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

This bold move has given the Samsung an edge to other big smartphone makers – Apple and Google. It is also a good marketing and good news to the consumers.

Fast and Wireless Charging

Samsung Fast and Wireless Charging

Samsung Fast and Wireless Charging

Though wireless charging is not new to Samsung’s devices, the Galaxy S9 features a fast wireless charging in only under 15 minutes with the fast charger plugged into the wall, your device can go from 0 to 50%, it also does wireless charging fast too. That’s insanely fast.

Wireless charging for the Galaxy S9 was designed to complement its unique product styling and it is perfect for home or office charging solution. Not only that you save yourself from tangled wires and clutter, the pad looks aesthetically pleasing with smooth contours and clean lines.


If you’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ and can’t choose between the two, make sure you get the Galaxy S9+, since it offer the best camera in the market. Pre-order starts on March 2nd, and let us know your thoughts about Samsung Galaxy S9 and how it changes the competition.

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