Transparent and Foldable Touchscreen is coming from LG


LG is now looking for new technology for their upcoming smartphone, they filed a patent application that shows not only a foldable screens but transparent also. LG G Flex 2 is the first attempt in flexible display, with tons of improvement.

Though this isn’t the first time the company considered a transparent touchscreen, back in 2013 Samsung was reported working with such technology as early as 2011. The Mobiado CPT002 Aston Martin has a transparent touchscreen concept.


The recent patent application has an improve foldable idea, the illustration shows a large, foldable display that can be use on both sides. There is not much from the image, other than a foldable device that resembles a book.

Touch control could be on the other side panel, and it also could be an ordinary display. Base on the other panel, the left part shows a faded section.

Foldable and flexible display is already a huge jump from our current devices, adding a transparent screen seems to be way ahead of its competitors. We are still waiting for more details and reports about this new transparent and foldable touchscreen from LG, to verify the specs, features and the end result.

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