Youtube YouTuber is killing Your Old School Television


A new revolution is taking place all over the world and its killing old school television. Youtube, Google owned is now the new media mainstream for young adults as youtubers is killing entertainment television.

Young people doesn’t watch TV any more, they watch online videos that are shorter and display more talent-driven, says Fabienne Fourquet, former A&E Television who now works for multichannel network 2btube.

They don’t want to be a Hollywood stars when they grow up, they wanted to be YouTubers, that is the whole new world.

These networks like MCN’s are talent agents for creators of videos that shares online venues, they help YouTubers with video production, promotion and finding new partners and sponsors, in return, they get a certain percentage of the revenue.

Fourquet mentioned that the most popular niche are, music, comedy, sports, video games, fashion and beauty.

Caroline Artiss, a YouTuber has been a chef for 20 years, she started doing Youtube videos in her kitchen with a tripod, and people started tuning in. BBC America even called her to do a multi-episode of cooking show, which boost of her career as YouTuber.

Last June, 25, 000 people were at Vidcon, which  is one of biggest event from YouTube.

PewDiePie, a Swedish YouTuber that provides commentary while playing video games, others are unboxing stuff and people film themselves opening package. Another YouTube channel called Hydraulic Press features videos of different things being crushed by a hyraulic equipment.

Twitch announced that they are experimenting of a new Social Eating category, which people will stream and socialize while having their meals.

One thing is for sure, YouTuber’s are growing on a faster rate and talented individuals can show what they do by having a camera and publishing it on Youtube.

What do you think about Youtuber? Are you one of them? Share your experience below!

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